Submerge and enjoy your first immersion into the underwater paradise of Huatulco.
The PADI instructors of the Huatulco Dive Center have all the required experience, professionalism, and security. We belong to the PADI community, which is recognized worldwide and which will guarantee you professionalism and safety at each dive.

At HDC our objective is to make you fall in love with diving from your first time and/or to support you in your growth as a certified diver to help you get to a more advanced level.
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curses PADI community instructor Huatulco Dive Center
discover scuba diving freshman beginner
Discover how it feels to breathe under water, develop your abilities and live your first underwater experience. Your instructor will provide you with a 40-minute-session of theoretical introduction, so that afterwards you can do your first dive in confined waters; with this you will be ready to start diving.

We are committed to your learning, so if after your Discover Scuba Diving session you discover that diving has become part of your life, as it happens 90% of the time, Huatulco Dive Center will credit you with your next adventure in the Open Water Diver course (check availability).
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scuba diver PADI certificate diving knowledge
PADI profesional diver scuba diving
Enter the underwater world through the main door. In the Scuba Diver course we will guide you at each step in a personalized manner until you obtain your PADI Certificate. Begin with the reading of the first 3 chapters of the PADI manual, practice in confined waters and go on two dives in open water.

With your PADI Scuba Diver Certificate you can dive to a maximum depth of 12 m or 40 ft. Increase your knowledge and add diving hours to your experience.
Duration: 2 days
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course open water diver adventure underwater
PADI diver classes Open Water Diver certification
Open Water
This adventure will totally change your life. Study independently with the backup of a professional instructor and learn all the diving techniques with scuba equipment to obtain automatic diving skills.

The Open Water Diver course offers you skills and abilities underwater with a session in confined waters and 4 more sessions in open water. Obtain your Open Water Diver certification after all the training and a final exam; this way you will automatically be qualified to dive in maximum depths of 18 to 60 ft.
Duration: 3 o 4 days
Includes: - PADI Manual Open Water Diver
- Theoretical diving classes
- Session in confined waters
- Sessions in open water with 4 dives from the boat
- Final Exam
- PADI Certification
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Advanced Open Water Diver Huatulco Dive Center
HDC underwater profesional advanced dives PADI
Advanced OPEN
Consolidate everything that you have learned and increase your confidence and diving skills while engaging in new fun activities in the water. During the Advanced Open Water Diver course you will discover different possibilities, the types of dive that you can practice and safety measures that you should never forget.

Polish your technique in 5 immersions where the entertainment and adventure will take you to a maximum depth of 30 m or 90 ft. like a true professional.
Duration: 2 days
Includes: - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Manual
- Theoretical diving classes
- 5 sessions in open water*
- PADI Certification
Prerequisites: PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent certificate from another agency
  • 1 deep dive, 1 dive of underwater navigation and 3 adventure dives to choose from among the 20 types that PADI offers to you.
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Rescue diver safety course technique problem help diving
special course rescue PADI certification Huatulco Mexico
Your safety and that of your fellow divers is essential. The Rescue Diver course prepares you as a rescue diver with the ability to think and act at the right moment without risking your safety or that of others.

Learn and practice all the techniques at the surface and under the water. Your instructor will teach you to anticipate and resolve any problem you face. This course helps you grow as a diver and as a person.
Duration: 3 days
Includes: - Rescue Diver Manual
- 12 rescue exercises
- 2 dives in open water
- PADI Certification
Prerequisites: - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course or equivalent from another agency
- First Aid Certificate and CPR (course available at H.D.C.)
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