Spotlight on PADI AmbassaDivers from Mexico.

A Six Chapters Story.

PADI AmbassaDivers™ are a group of global freedivers and scuba divers committed to elevating diving in their communities and across the planet. Meet our inspirational ambassadors from Mexico, who each show passion and dedication as PADI divers or PADI professionals. Read their unique stories below. The first is told by Melodie Trevino.

Melodie Trevino – The storyteller

As a former Olympic diver on the Mexican national team, Melodie has always been comfortable in the water. Now she’s living the dream! Having left her corporate job behind to pursue a career in diving.

A day in the life of Melodie involves sidemount cave diving in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, home to the famous Cenotes; ancient sinkholes, the deepest of which offering up to 119 meters/390 feet of diving. With the rest of her time, she assists in developing environmental and socially sustainable dive operations in many national parks around Mexico. 

Melodie loves to share stories of her encounters with crocs, manatees, and bull sharks and inspire new people to join the dive community. She invites you to help her spread the word on water preservation and conservation. Who’s in?


PADI Cave Diver, former Olympic diver and sustainable dive tourism advocate.


Melodie has been in the water for most of her life. A former Olympic diver for the Mexican National Team, she left a corporate job to pursue a career in diving. Melodie now lives and dives in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, where she actively engages her passion for sidemount technical and cave diving, when she’s not busy running a sprawling dive operation.

With an MBA, and having studied at Yale, Babson College and the University of Twente (Holland), she puts her experience and drive behind developing environmentally and socially sustainable dive operations in some of Mexico’s most pristine marine and aquatic environments in remote national parks, the cenotes (caves and caverns), and unique megafauna interactions with crocs, manatees, sailfish, bull sharks and sailfish (to name a few).

She enjoys sharing her adventures so she can reach out to others who might find the journey of scuba diving as limitless as she does. “I want to share my passion for scuba diving and the amazingness of the underwater world, and to invite more people to experience it and spread the word on preservation and conservation,” she says.


Monterrey, Nuevo León


Career Highlights

  • Co Founded “The Chilam Group,” a company that runs several businesses in the ecotourism and sustainable-travel niches
  • Completed an MBA with specialties in finance and sustainability
  • Successfully planned and executed deep ocean trimix dives to 140 metres/450 feet
  • Dived Mexican caves and cenotes as a full cave diver
  • Speaker at the 4WomenForum, focused on women’s empowerment
  • Ambassador for brands Oceanic, Hollis, Bare, Stahlsac, and Huish Outdoors
  • Contributor to DiveNewsWire and other magazines and blogs specialized in travel, scuba diving and entrepreneurship
  • Member of the board of evaluators for the Mexican Entrepreneurship Institute alongside the World Bank
  • Inspired others to join the world of scuba through her social media platforms, where more than 100,000+ followers watch her underwater adventures
  • Has been featured in different news platforms all over the world about her combination of scuba diving, entrepreneurship and modeling

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