Sidemount Diving is a special form of tank configuration in either open water or cave diving and is becoming more popular for divers worldwide.

There are many advantages in the Sidemount system, this style of diving is not only to pass through small spaces, actually due to the ease and practicality of being able to replace the system “twin” and to carry 2 independent tanks instead, the posture of diving and the displacement out of the water are positively affected, which makes this new proposal a more comfortable, fun and accessible option for any open water diver and caves.

Sidemount Diving training is a good option for those divers (from caves and open water) who wish to extend their bottom time with greater volume of air and/or additional tanks.


This level is for divers who like to dive Sidemount in open water or want to get introduced to a cave or full cave course in Sidemount configuration.

If you like to go into a Full cave diver Program and want to do it in Sidemount, an Open Water Sidemount certification is a prerequisite.

The open water Sidemount diver course takes 2 days to complete. We teach you in any Sidemount gear you may own. If you don’t own your personal Sidemount diving gear you can rent ours.

The liberation of Sidemount diving in terms of feeling free of tanks, combined with the independent tank redundancy, the larger gas volume, the fact that it is logistically easier to handle than double tanks, and the availability of single tanks worldwide, have brought the world of Sidemount diving into the open water.


  • An alternative way to streamline in the water.
  • Easier equipment transportation when topside.
  • Reduced lower back strain.
  • Improved safety.
  • Provides redundant gas supply.
  • Ability to monitor all equipment because it’s in front of you.
  • Increased gas supply for longer dives.
  • Provides a completely redundant and independent air system with the valves, regulators, and hoses in plain view.
  • Easy to reach should a problem arise.
  • Enables buoyancy, balance, and trim control resulting in a much more streamlined profile making moving through the water easier and more efficient.