Edgardo has been diving from a very young age and has now racked up several thousand dives from all over the world. He started with recreational diving, then moved into scientific diving and finally became a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, teaching science diving techniques to his students.  Currently serving as a diving safety officer for Conservation International, Edgardo wants to encourage others to increase their knowledge of conservation to protect our oceans. Thankfully, he’s
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The State Tourism Secretariat invited local, national and international tourists to admire the whales passing by the coasts of Oaxaca. The State Tourism Secretariat invited local, national and international tourists to admire the passage of whales along the coasts of Oaxaca, which cross the area during their migratory journey. According to experts, whale watching season off the coast of Oaxaca is December to March, so that specimens of this species are already seen and enjoy
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Afelandra Gonzalez, sea slug and Nudibranchs expert Former professional model turned PADI Instructor, Afelandra, works in La Paz, Mexico (home to a gang of unruly sea lions that love to play with divers!). She loves to teach both adults and children about the wonders of the underwater world, encouraging her students to respect the environment to help ensure the future of ecosystems.  Afelandra is also a marine biologist who specializes in Opisthobranchs (sea slugs and
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What destinations are open, and what should you expect when you get there? In this month’s edition of Ask a Travel Expert, travel writer Terry Ward addresses how to make trip plans around COVID restrictions and if you can swim with whale sharks during the pandemic. Q: What added safety precautions can I expect to find dive shops taking with rental gear and on boats during the pandemic? A: Prepare for it to vary. I’ve been
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You Most Probably Don’t Know There are a few facts that most divers know. Facts such as SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus or that the inventor of Scuba was Jacques-Yves Cousteau. But there are some others that might be a bit more unknown in the diving world. Have a look at these interesting facts about Scuba Diving: 1 – Jacques-Yves Cousteau was not only the inventor of Scuba Diving the way we do
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